Unsolved Mysteries

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-17-51-16Mary Frances Loughan: One of the great, unsolved mysteries of the story. According to the Bowen family history (see above), Gus married Mary in Lady’s Chapel, Grove Rd., St.John’s Wood, Marylebone, London, on 16th April, 1892. There is no record of this marriage in the church register or in the civil registers. Their daughter, Liebe Mary Bowen, or ‘Beezie’, was born in 1892, although Gus later admitted that her birth was not registered either. Two of Gus’s letters were sent to Mary in December 1898, during what appears to be their final separation. Nothing else remains. Where did she come from? And what happened to her after 1898? Does anyone have a photo?